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News & Blog

Wednesday 18th.May 2022: The disruption happened today! Wolverton Rail was offline from for a while. I've had to clear it out completely and reload the website including the very large (2GB) mp4 digital download video files (which took ages). I've tested it and it all should all be working again. The old IP address has gone. If you have any problems, please either clear your browser cache (because it might have kept the old ip address) and/or reboot your computer which should definitely make it see the new wolvertonrail IP address. Wolverton Rail's host didn't actually move.... it's still on the same server. It's a bit like Royal Mail deciding to change your house address..the house doesn't move but for a while you have different addresses for the same property!

14th.May 2022: On Monday 16th.May 2022 there may be disruption to my website. This is because the data centre where I keep my servers is making changes to their networking and it might (or might not!) take Wolverton Rail offline for a short while. If you are thinking of ordering DVDs then please order over the weekend before midnight on Sunday. If you place an order before then, it will be automatically securely recorded in my offline order handling system so I will know about it!

22nd.February 2022: Although the UK is still far being post-covid19 pandemic, restrictions are being eased (thanks to the vaccination programme) and life at last is getting back to a new-normal! Royal Mail seems to have got over the Christmas/New Year debacle as well so that's good news and domestic (UK) customers are receiving their DVDs OK. Since last summer, I have been using the business version of Royal Mail's Click-and-Drop system and everything now has a tracking code. I will post to customers overseas but the EU seems to be mired in red-tape and orders can be heavily delayed for unexplained reasons. And although it hasn't happened to Wolverton Rail, one of my publishers sent DVDs to a customer in the EU and they were returned due the wrong colour ink being used (yes really!). There doesn't seem to be any issues with orders to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand though! :-) :-D

21st.December 2021: Christmas & New Year "Holiday" Period. I will try my best to dispatch any orders placed during this period assuming I have stock (after the flood of Christmas orders. I've just restocked from many publishers), the Post Office is open and covid19 doesn't hit!. Any orders placed on and from 23rd.December will NOT be dispatched until 29th.December simply because they will just get stuck in the Royal Mail system over Christmas. I might as well keep them here packed up and ready for dispatch than stuck in some Royal Mail warehouse! And currently no one knows how the covid19 Omicron variant is going to pan out.

Please see the section "News & Blog" (in the right hand column) for the latest news about deliveries during the convid19 pandemic.

7th.May 2021: Air Mail costs to the USA have gone SKYWARDS!!! The carriers are now charging CRAZY prices due to covid19. If you are in the USA and you order 2 DVDS then they go at Air Mail Large Letter rate and that is still at a reasonable cost. HOWEVER if you order 3 or more then they have to go at Parcel Rate and has really rocketed as in more than DOUBLED. It's all to do with the carriers changing to using wide weight bands. If you are going to order 3 DVDs then you are better off ordering 6 for the same postal charge. If you order 7 it goes into the next price band again etc etc. crazy, crazy crazy. Sounds daft but it is now cheaper to send DVDs in bulk to Australia than it is to the States.

16th.January 2021: - Please note there are new Royal Mail postal delays due to Covid-19 and Lockdown3 . Your order may be delayed so please allow up to 14 days for deliveries.

REMEMBER: Keep Calm & Carry On ..... But *Stay Safe*..... Don't give the Covid19 bug chance to BITE!

8th.June 2020:- IMPORTANT CORONOVIRUS UPDATE It's hard to believe it's been 11 weeks since the UK Lockdown began. At last the lockdown is being eased. Royal Mail deliveries have almost returned to normal although there are still delays in some parts of the country. Although I have plenty of DVDs in stock, I am still experiencing delays with restocking from a few publishers but this is because they are only working 1 or 2 days a week. Hopefully that will resolve itself in due course.




26th.April 2020:- IMPORTANT CORONOVIRUS UPDATE There have been long delays with Royal Mail deliveries due to staff shortages caused by the pandemic. They have been at least a third down on their workforce. A large backlog has built up and it has taken as long as 15 days or longer for customers to receive their orders. However (and a big thank you to their staff) they are now clearing the backlog and deliveries are gradually returning to as near normal as possible. From experience it's typically about 4-5 days now from when I post your order.


27th.March 2020:- IMPORTANT CORONOVIRUS UPDATE. Very reluctantly, I have had to suspend all international orders effective immediately. This is because international travel (and hence airmail) has been stopped between most countries. With the current situation, I simply have no way of knowing whether any international orders will actually reach their destination. HOWEVER if you are in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, France or Germany then please email me. I may send out your order BUT it will be at your own risk. That means if it is lost then I will not refund or send a replacement at any cost to me.


19th.March 2020:- CORONAVIRUS (COVID19) - Most transport dvd publishers are one or two person bands with many allready operating from home or an office at home anyway. So I don't envisage many supply problems. So business as usual! The outside of DVD boxes handled and dispatched by me will be wiped with proprietary anti-bacterial alcohol based cleaner.

Orders for delivery to UK addresses are unaffected but may be delayed if Royal Mail starts to have delivery problems caused by staff sickness.


31st.January 2020 - over 10 Class 91s/Mk4s sets to remain in service with LNER until the December 2021 timetable.)

1st.January 2020 Sadly 2020 is final year of HSTs and Class 91/Mk4s in top-link use. I remember watching Class 91s on test with an HSTset from an office block overlooking the ECML in 1988!, I would have liked an HST set or a Class 91 for a Christmas present last year (both in INTERCITY Swallow livery) to go with my Class 81 but unfortunately I've nowhere to keep either. Plus I can't afford them! :-) :-D But I did buy the book..

Best Regards.. Ian